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About us

Deep Colours! was founded  in 1996 and belongs to the five most  important  manufacturers of tattoo inks in Europe.

We were the first manufacturers of tattoo inks to establish the declaration of the substances of content along the lines of the cosmetic regulation at the end of the 90’s. This standard will be binding everyone through the upcoming European Directive for tattoo and piercing.

All our inks have been developed by Deep Colours! and are manufactured in Neuburg. For safety reasons we do without acrylic in our inks.

Deep Colours! GmbH was founded in the year 20023 in Neuburg am Rhein. The completely over- worked assortment concentrates on the really important articles and does without needless knickknack. At the moment we have over 1500 articles permanently on stock!

Since the production year of 2005 all substances of content accord to the lines of the Council of Europe from 2003.

As ink manufacturer and supplier we understand ourselves as the partner of tattoo artists. This is why we offer important information and helpful documents as free downloads in our service area. You can find analysis reports to every ink - charge.

You can purchase our products via our distributers. In the reseller domain on this website you can find a dealer near you.

On the 7th of March 2005 we obtained the authorization as a pharmaceutical distributer, therefore we fulfill the demands of the eleventh amendment of the pharmaceutical law for dealing with skin -and hand – disinfectants.



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